Welcome to Our Church

St Martin's, Dorking

Welcome to the website for St Martin’s Church in Dorking, which will, I hope, give you a glimpse of the spiritual refreshment to be found there.

St Martin’s has a long history – there have been several earlier churches on the site of the present building, and worship has been offered here during a period spanning many hundreds of years. As a parish church today it has a central place in the lives of its members and in the life of the town – it is a living centre for work, worship and prayer. Anyone visiting the church will soon realize that it has been loved and cherished greatly by generations past and present, and that today it is endeavouring to reach out to new generations with its programme of services and activities throughout the year.

At the heart of our church is the service of God. Our Christian faith has a long ancestry, and the faith community at St Martin’s is blessed not only with the present fine building but also with the rich heritage of the Holy Scriptures, informing a long and devoted line of clergy down the years, who have continued the ministry of Word and Sacrament – bringing the things of God into the lives of the folk of this town, and the many visitors that we welcome year on year.

There is space at St Martin’s to sit and be still, to pray and to contemplate, as well as to become immersed in a tradition that continues to grow and change. You will find a warm welcome here, reflecting the welcome that God extends to us all in Jesus Christ.

I hope that you will find St Martin’s Dorking to be a place of prayer, and that you will take from your visit a sense of God’s continuing presence in the world and in our daily lives.


The Reverend Derek Tighe.